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Rivers, Lakes & Oceans

Department of Fisheries and Oceans
North Vancouver, B.C. 
Phone: (604)980-7602

  • Fish in the Floodlights. Nine short scripted dramatic pieces for students in the intermediate grades. Complements Science, Social Studies and the Arts curricula. Topics include: stewardship, resource use conflicts, First Nations and fishing, and salmon enhancement.
  • Classroom Incubation. Specially– equipped aquariums installed in classrooms and stocked with salmonid eggs. Students supply care and monitor development until the fry are ready for release to a local creek.
  • Audio Visuals. Many audio visual materials (films, videos, slide shows) are available. Bilingual curriculum package with one 15-minute video, "Window on the Fraser", includes teacher and student background information, practical teaching strategies for pre-and post-classroom activities.
    Fisheries and Oceans Community Advisors available in 15 Regions and 4 Education Coordinators available throughout B.C. Call Bev Bowler at 980-7602.

Acorn Naturalists
Tustin, CA, USA
Toll-Free: 1-800-422-8886
Fax: 1-800-452-2802

  • WOW! THE WONDERS OF WETLANDS: An Educator’s Guide
    Comprehensive guide for anyone teaching about wetlands. Features 330 pages of information and activities. Discussions on how people have historically interacted with wetlands; how wetlands are defined; global distribution; physical/hydrological, chemical, biological and socio-economic benefits of wetlands; wetland plants, animals and general ecology. Includes a special section to help teachers organize field trips, prepare student checklists, and compile a basic wetlands sampling kit, along with activities for the field and classroom.
    Age: K-12 Cost: $15.95 US

BC Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks
Victoria, BC
Phone: (250) 356-7111
Fax: (250) 387-8584

  • Water Stewardship: A Guide for Teachers, Students and Community Groups. This 194-page binder is full of information and activities for grades K-12 to help develop water literacy and encourage stewardship projects. Cost: $20.

BC Teachers’ Federation
Lesson Aids Service
Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 871-2181
Fax: (604) 871-2295

  • Table Talk: A Learning Resource for the Study of Land and Water Allocation in British Columbia. (Lesson Aid #2058) Designed to teach students grades 7-9 to use decision-making skills to solve land-use conflicts, this 850-page (with video) simulation activity asks students to take on roles of people representing different sectors and interest groups. Students will be exposed to information material that will provide them with knowledge needed to participate confidently. Cost: $40.

Imagemedia Services
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-683-7697
Fax: 604-683-9369
Toll free: 1-800-665-6636

  • The Ultimate Resource. 17 min. Grades 5 - 9.
    This video outlines the role of the Fraser River Estuary Management Program (FREMP). All users of the estuary (agriculture, shipping, recreation, industry, housing, wildlife) are represented in FREMP and participate in the review of development applications as well as restoration and enhancement activities. Video is best utilized as a teaching resource to initiate classroom discussions on the value of the consensus/decision-making process. A three page pre/post classroom activity pamphlet supports the video.
    Cost $100 (Video and guide).

A List of E-Resources
This site contains a list of resources, lesson plans and related scientific sites on oceans. Students can swim with a dolphin or take a virtual voyage to mark International Year of the Ocean 1998.

Boston, MA
Phone: 617-521-2665
WhaleNet has established Internet communication between students, researchers and educators from around the world to share and use research data, collaborative learning techniques and field experience to enhance environmental awareness and interest in science and mathematics. Also provided are class activities to supplement marine biology and science courses.


Scientific Web Resources

The BC Salmon Page
This page provides comprehensive information on BC Salmon, including major spawning streams and harvesting areas.

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