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Science & Ecology

Environmental Protection Dept.
Eco-Education Program
Victoria, BC
Phone: (604) 387-9966
One of the many exciting new concepts discussed by the Ministry of Environment’s new Environmental Protection Crew. Three new work stations deal with sustainability, conservation versus consumption, and general environmental protection issues. Through hands-on workshops, theatre, slide presentations and interactive props, children become actively involved in learning and thinking critically about environmental protection.

The Children’s Book Store
Toronto, ON
Phone: (416) 480-0233 or toll free 1-800-265-5622 Fax: 480-9345

  • DICTIONARY OF THE EARTH (author John Farndon)
    An exciting and original thematic dictionary which explains over 2,000 key words in physical geography, geology, meteorology, and ecology. Hard copy $24.95.
  • RESCUE MISSION: PLANET EARTH Children’s Task Force on Agenda 21. Packed with important facts, poems, stories and illustrations, this book will help children understand the document called Agenda 21 which came out of the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Paperback $14.95.

Green Brick Road Environmental
Resource Centre
Toronto, ON
Learning through Landscapes
To order contact: John Tersigni
Phone: (416) 465-1597

  • MATHEMATICS IN THE SCHOOL GROUNDS. Zoe Rhydden-Evans, 1993. Ideas for teaching math outdoors. Four main sections: Numbers, Measurement, Shape and Spaces, and Data Work. Contains teaching approaches with tables listing math exercises using various outdoor features including: ponds, animals, pathways, trees/shrubs, buildings, conservation areas, and weather. Age group: K-6, $19.00.

Association for the Promotion and Advancement of Science Education (APASE) Vancouver, B.C.
Catherine Warren, CHARLOTTE project
Phone: (604) 687-8712 Fax 687-8715

  • INTERNET RESOURCE GUIDE. Charlotte is a World Wide Web site developed by APASE. Using Charlotte, teachers will be able to exchange information–especially teaching resource materials–on subjects such as British Columbia ecology, natural resources, and coastal biology.

Harmony Foundation
Victoria, BC 
Phone (604)380-3001
Offers a selection of environmental learning aids for teachers

  • ACTION IN YOUR COMMUNITY - COMMUNITY WORKSHOP FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. rev. ed. 1991 $11.77, a 60–page organizer's manual to environmental action workshops.
  • GROWING UP GREEN ACTION WHEEL. 1993. $2.99, learning tool with ecological trivia, riddles and jokes for children aged 6–12 years.
  • EARTHWORMS, NATURE'S RECYCLERS: an integrated unit for primary and junior students 1992. $5.35,teacher–developed for sciences curriculum. 19 pages of ready–to–use activities to explore worms (food chain), worm farms, (composting), and worm facts.

The BC Humane Education Society
Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 681-3379
Fax: (604) 681-7022

  • EARTHKIND: A Teachers’ Handbook On Humane Education
    A workbook on humanity’s relationship to the non-human offers lesson plans, information, and activities for all teachers to use in the classroom. Fosters cooperative learning, tolerance and communication skills in studies.
    Cost: $42.50

Moving Images Distribution
Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 684-3014
Fax: (604) 684-7165

  • GRASSROOTS DEVELOPMENT. This new video offers information on coping with environmental crisis in a forest-based community in India. In central India, where tigers once roamed the forests, goats and cows now forage on rocky slopes. It provides a positive, thought-provoking look at how action by people at the local level offers hope for regenerating the environment. Produced by anthropologist Dr. Evelyn Nodwell in association with the Knowledge Network.
    Grades: 8-12 Cost: $180

Prince Albert National Park
Waskesiu Lake, SK
Phone: 306-663-5322
Fax: 306-663-5424
This CD-ROM, with Teacher’s Guide, provides information about boreal forest ecology, the greenhouse effect and the connection between boreal forest, atmosphere and climate. Cost: $59.95 plus shipping and handling.

Green Teacher Magazine
Lewiston, NY
Phone: 416-960-1244
This Canadian-published environmental education journal features articles on eco-philosophy and teaching techniques. Included are resource listings and a Canadian events calendar.

National Gardening Association
Burlington, VT
Phone: 800-538-7476

  • GROWING IDEAS, the journal of the National Gardening Association, contains teaching and learning activities for garden-based learning. The journal is useful for educators interested in using herbs and other plants to explore science concepts, environmental themes, natural history and multicultural studies.

BC Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks
Victoria, BC
Phone: 250-356-2077
Fax: 250-356-6464

  • PROTECTED AREAS: PRESERVING OUR FUTURE, is a new environmental education resource package designed to help young people think critically about parks and protected areas. It introduces environmental studies into the areas of math, science, and social studies. This Ministry of Education-approved resource complements the recently released education framework document, Environmental Concepts in the Classroom.

Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 1-800-567-4483
Fax: 416-482-8035

  • BRIDGING THE DISTANCE: CHILDREN TAKING ACTION FOR THE ENVIRONMENT is an action-oriented teaching resource introducing global issues of environment and development from the perspectives of children around the world. Includes ready-to-use case studies, slides, a game, poster, diary, role-play activities and other resources for Grades Six to Eight. Cost: $29.95.

Acorn Naturalists
Tustin, CA
Phone: 800-422-8886

  • A GUIDE TO NATURE IN THE WINTER. This 375-page resource is packed with activities. Study snow ecology, winter bird behaviour or find evidence of insects, locate animal tracks and signs, winter weeds and wildflowers.
    Cost: $11.65.

BC Teachers’ Federation
Lesson Aids Service
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-871-2181
Fax: 604-871-2295

  • THE STRAITKEEPER'S HANDBOOK: A TEACHER'S GUIDE TO DISCOVERING THE ECOLOGY OF GEORGIA STRAIT. Through interdisciplinary, practical activities, students gain an understanding of the Strait’s diverse and fragile ecosystem, learn valuable skills and ways to make a difference and develop a sense of stewardship for the Strait. This book includes a fold-out map and sections on Beach Etiquette, Seashore Habitat, Quadrat Studies and Pollution Issues. Sections include learning objectives, activities, discussion questions, vocabulary and resources. Suitable for Grades 4 - 10. Cost: $22.00.
  • SONGS FOR SCHOOLS. Songbook for guitar or piano accompaniment and a 30-minute “Save Our World” cassette audio tape of original songs on environmental awareness. Includes songs about recycling, friendship, endangered species, world peace, skin cancer awareness, water conservation, road safety, environment and self-esteem. Suitable for all grades. Cost: $8.80.

ACCESS Network
Edmonton, Alberta
Toll-Free: 1-800-352-8293
Fax: (403) 440-8899

  • THE HARMONY PUZZLE: Environment and Economy. Young people provide their perspectives throughout this video as it explores two main concepts: the link between environment, economy and sustainable development. A utilization guide provides an overview, key concepts, a glossary, and four activities. Grades: 5-8. Cost: $17 (video), $2 (guide).

Earthquest Inc.
Palo Alto, California, USA
Toll-Free: 1-800-943-3664
Phone: (415) 321-5838
Fax: (415) 322-3817

  • EARTHTREKS. This computer game highlights the Amazon Rainforest, and explores several other biomes like the Arctic tundra, and the desert. Features detailed graphics, games, simulations, some animation, a library of recorded sounds, and lots of informative text windows that pop up when the student clicks on objects on the screen. An additional educator’s manual provides valuable activity plans and copy masters for teachers. Grades 4-12. Cost: $59.95 US with lesson plans.

International Council for Adult Education
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: (416) 588-1211
Fax: (416) 588-5725

  • CONVERGENCE: Volume XXV, Number 2, 1992
    A professional journal aimed at proponents and practitioners of adult education, this issue looks at environmental education for adults. The document covers methods of instruction, concepts such as sustainable development and ecological responsibility, and the potential of computer communications. Cost: $12 per issue, $39 per year - subscription (magazine).

Earth Day Canada
Toronto, ON
Phone: (416) 599-1991
The ever popular EcoKids Clubs program offers membership cards, posters, and quarterly newsletters for K-4 classes interested in community restoration projects. Cost for annual membership: $25.

Green Brick Road
Don Mills, ON
Phone: (416) 465-1597 or

  • EARTHCHILD. This invaluable teacher-friendly assortment of games, songs, stories, activities and experiments guarantees that preschool and elementary level students will be more wildly enthusiastic about environmental education. A companion guide, Earth Teacher, is available separately. Cost: $27.

The Video Project
Ben Lomond, CA
Phone: 1-800-4-PLANET
Fax: (408) 336-2168

  • THE RAINFOREST: ZOO GUIDES. Discover the ecology, peoples, animals, plants and resources of rainforests worldwide in a visually stunning, easy-to-use CD-ROM for grades 6 and up. This multimedia reference covers the causes and effects of rainforest destruction and investigates how these regions can be saved. Over 400 photographs, 60 minutes of video clips and full colour maps, plus quizzes designed especially to heighten the senses and broaden the mind.
    Cost: $59.95.

National Project WILD
Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Phone: (301) 493-5447

  • TAKING ACTION: An Educator’s Guide to Involving Students in Environmental Action Projects. Package includes: classroom-tested projects, list of student organizations, and more.

BC Bookworld
Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 736-4011

  • THE SACRED BALANCE:Rediscovering Our Place in Nature. Author David Suzuki presents his vision of how to find a truly sustainable way of living in the next millennium. Cost: $28.95

Environment Canada
Ottawa, ON
Phone: (613) 954-5791
Toll-Free: 1-800-734-3232

  • ECOZONE POSTERS. A set of 20 posters covering each of Canada’s 15 terrestrial and five marine ecozones. Suitable for use in the classroom, backyard, or boardroom. Each poster illustrates the key features of each ecozone.
    Cost: $16.95 per set

Seedsational Garden Botanicals
Shawnigan Lake, BC
Phone Toll-Free: 1-888-743-8281

  • SEED PACKAGES. Seedsational Garden Botanicals, a wholesaler of seed packages, has developed a program that allows non-profit organizations and schools to retail seeds with the same professional terms and profit margins as any normal garden centre. Suitable for individual classes raising money for a specific, financial goal.

North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)
Troy, OH, USA
Phone: (937) 676-2514

  • THE ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION COLLECTION: A REVIEW OF RESOURCES FOR EDUCATORS – VOLUME 1. With literally thousands of products to select from, it’s difficult for teachers and other educators to decide which materials best meet their needs. Therefore, the NAAEE has developed a series of educators’ resources guides to quality materials. Guides profile: lesson packets, CD-ROMS, software, etc.). Cost: $12.00 plus $3.95 for processing

GEMS, University of California, Berkeley, Lawrence Hall of Science
Berkeley, CA
Phone: (510) 642-7771

  • SCHOOLYARD ECOLOGY. This new activity guide for Grades 3-6 is designed to spark student curiosity about the patterns and interactions in nature, beginning with their immediate environment - the schoolyard. Cost: $16.00.

B.C. Ministry of Environment
Public Affairs Branch
Victoria, B.C.
Phone: (604) 387-9419
an innovative educational package that uses satellite imagery to cover a wide variety of environmental and land-use issues for B.C. schools.
offers Ground Truth Studies, an activity-based science and social studies educational program that uses remote sensing to study local and global environmental issues, i.e. greenhouse effect, loss of biological diversity and ozone depletion.

Optilearn, Inc.
Steven’s Point, WI
Contact: Laura Detwyler
Phone: 1-800-850-9480 Fax: (705) 344-1066

  • ENVIRONMENTAL VIEWS SERIES CD-ROM’s enable Macintosh users to customize presentations and give slide shows using full-colour photos and text frames from Optilearn’s Environmental Views Series. Created by educators and content experts, the series provide images and information to supplement environmental, earth and life science courses. (Grades 9–college).

The Evergreen Foundation
Toronto, ON
Phone: 1-(416)-596-1495

  • THE OUTDOOR CLASSROOM is a bilingual newsletter focusing on school ground naturalization. Features articles by parents, educators and schoolchildren describing projects in their own communities around Canada. Lists many useful resources, including books, training sessions, and grant information.

School Services of Canada
Toronto, ON
Phone: 1-800-387-2084 Fax: (416) 366-0908
Cost: $68.00 each

  • ENVIRONMENT I: THE HABITATS AND ECOSYSTEMS - For grades 7–12. This examines the effects of abiotic and biotic factors on the environment, plant succession, major geographic biomes, and the relation of populations and communities to an ecosystem. Also describes the composition of ecosystems, how organisms interact with the environment, and concepts like predation, symbiosis and populations.
  • ENVIRONMENT II: THE CYCLES AND INTERACTIONS - For grades 7–12. This discusses food chains and food webs, biomass, energy pyramids, and nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon cycles. Interprets the trophic levels of producers, consumers and decomposers from actual examples, such as a pond community.

The Open Learning Agency
Marketing Department
Burnaby, BC
Phone: 604-431-3210
Fax: 604-431-3381
Toll free: 1-800-663-1653

  • STATE OF THE ENVIRONMENT FOR BRITISH COLUMBIA MULTIMEDIA CD-ROM. Multimedia CD-ROM contains over 150 screens of environmental facts and trends about BC’s people, land, plants, animals, water and air. Filled with colourful image graphics, video and audio, it increases understanding of the ecological consequences of human activities in BC. A tool for educators, students or anyone seeking information about BC’s environment.

BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF)
Lesson Aids Service
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-871-2181
Fax: 604-871-2295
Toll free: 1-800-663-9163

  • THE ENVIRONMENT SCRAPBOOK. Produced by Victoria International Development Education Association, 74p. Topics covered include science and sustainable development, the “greenhouse effect,” human rights vs. animal rights, effects of climatic change on agriculture, facts about the ozone, solar energy abroad, nuclear waste storage, ocean pollution, the environmental problems left by the Gulf War, and women’s roles in saving the environment. Suitable for Senior Secondary.
    Cost: $17.75.

The SEEDS Foundation
Edmonton, Alberta
Contact: Dan Stoker
Phone: (403) 424-0971
Fax: 424-2444

  • P.A.G.E.S is an Environment Education magazine promoting the activities of several environmental organizations.

McIntyre Media Ltd.
Rexdale, ON
Phone: (416) 245-7800 Fax: 245-8660
Cost: $111.23

  • THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT, a video for secondary students explains factors contributing to the greenhouse effect and how humans have affected these conditions. Includes teacher’s guide, a vocabulary list, and more.

Acorn Naturalists
Tustin, California
Phone: 1-800-422-8886
Fax: 1-800-452-2802

  • WESTERN BACKYARD JUNGLES SCIENCE ACTIVITY KIT. Even in an urban setting, children can track down snail trails, worm castings and butterflies in nearby gardens, parks and school grounds. The activity kits include field-tested activity cards, forceps, three petri dishes, magnifier, observation box and much more. Perfect for young backyard hunters. Cost: $22.95.

Simon & Schuster
New York.
Phone: (212) 698-7000

  • ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES ACTIVITIES KIT. A collection of hands-on classroom activities which promote an understanding and appreciation of the environment as well as problem-solving skills. Includes reproducible student activity guides and worksheets.

T.H.A. Media Distributors Ltd.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Toll-Free: 1-800-661-4919
Phone: (604) 687-4215
Fax: (604) 688-8349

  • SCIENCE IN FOCUS: Domestic and industrial pollution of the air, water and land are explored in this video showing choices that can lessen the effects of industrial society on the environment. Grades: 7-12. Cost: $320 (video).

Association for the Promotion and Advancement of Science Education
Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 687-8712

  • EARTHLINKS: CELEBRATING BIOLOGICAL AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY. This 88-page teachers’ manual and cassette tape program for English as a Second Language (ESL) classes focusses on environmental problems while promoting language learning and cultural understanding. Includes suggested and supplementary activities, additional references, discussion questions and grammar lessons. Excellent for high school ESL classes. Cost: $25 plus $3 shipping and handling.

Discovery Communications, Inc.
Florence, KY
Phone: 1-800-889-9950

  • CONNECTIONS. In this CD-ROM experience, the links between people, events and ideas have fractured, and students must battle to restore order. Based on the critically acclaimed television show of the same name, players are placed in one of five worlds and challenged to solve puzzles concerning inventions that link to one another, like carbon paper to dynamite.

Trifolium Books Inc.
Toll-Free: 1-800-387-0172
Fax: 1-800-445-5967

  • A PORTFOLIO OF TEACHING IDEAS FOR HIGH SCHOOL BIOLOGY. Offers 36 problem-solving activities in: evolution, homeostasis, plant physiology, cells and cell chemistry, ecology, animal physiology, genetics, and useful WWW sites and resources. Age: Secondary Cost: $39.95

Voyage Publishing
Alexandria, VA, USA
Phone: (800) 469-2519
Fax: (703) 299-9574

  • SCIENCE AND THE ENVIRONMENT CD-ROM Discover environmental development from around the world. Includes 320 selected and summarized articles covering every aspect of the environment. Includes colorful photos/maps, and interactive web links that draw the reader into new journeys of exploration. Featured topics: biodiversity/wildlife, alternative energy/fuels, marine ecology, clean air, clean water, health, population, and agriculture, waste management/recycling, and climate change.

Harcourt Brace Canada
Toronto, ON
Phone: (416) 255-4491
Fax: 1-800-387-7278

  • SCIENCEPLUS INTERACTIVE EXPLORATIONS CD-ROM. Students build higher order thinking skills as they investigate and solve a series of real-world science mysteries (tropical fish dying at a local fish store, or venus flytraps becoming extinct in their natural habitat). A printed teacher's guide offers an overview of each interactive exploration, teaching strategies and student assessment guidelines. Grades 7-9.

Canadian Content
c/o Pacific Edge Publishing
Gabriola, BC
Phone: 604-247-8806
Fax: 604-247-8299

  • NATURE DETECTIVES — Our living world science series is a Grade 2 - 3 resource package that includes four student texts and four teachers’ guides designed specifically for BC’s new Life Science curriculum. Student texts tell stories of a group of adventurous nature detectives who explore four different ecosystems — forest, seashore, wetland and grassland. These books provide primary teachers with a language-based resource from which science can easily be extended across the curricula. Cost: $9.95 each. Accompanying Teachers’ Guides provide instructional strategies and lesson plans. Cost: $79.95 each.

National Atlas Information Service (nais) Ottawa, ON
Jean Thie
Phone:(613) 992-4030 Fax: 943-8282
Provides Canadian geographic information on land use, demographics, geology, and ecology. Also offers electronic access to maps and geography quizzes.

Sky Watchers Program
Environment Canada
Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 664-9091
Fax: (604) 664-9081

  • RIDE THE CLOUDS WITH SKY WATCHERS, an educational program of Environment Canada, CBC Evening News and elementary schools in BC and the Yukon. Students send their observations to Environment Canada, and school submissions may be featured by Phil Reimer on the CBC Evening News. The Sky Watchers kit contains a barometer, rain gauge, max/min thermometer and a cloud chart. Cost: $279.95



The Globe Program
Three thousand K-12 science classes from around the world are collecting environmental data and posting it to the site. Research scientists use the data and offer feedback. Useful for students doing research papers.

The BioChemNet is an award-winning directory of biology and chemistry educational resources on-line.

Engaging Science is a pioneering Professional Development program for K-7 teachers, offering teacher training workshops, media resources and communication and support services.

Access Excellence, launched in 1993, is a national educational program that provides high school biology teachers access to their colleagues, scientists, and critical sources of new scientific information via the World Wide Web.

National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE)
This site provides up-to-date information on the NRTEE, its mandate, activities and programs while offering a window on the state of the debate between the environment and the economy.

Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME)
To provide the public with current and timely information, and encourage dialogue among stakeholders, the CCME offers a discussion group on its home page.

Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN)
The CMN website is an introduction to the Museum. Search through its four main sections: Research and Collections; Exhibits and Education; Information and Services; and Discover. Read the CMN current events newspaper, and take a peek behind the scenes at exhibits, research and collections work.

Get information on the new EcoAction Community Funding Program on the Internet. This program encourages Canadians to take action within their communities in support of healthy environments. Check out the latest news, environmental success stories, some green tips and how to take action.

A K-12 program offering teachers and students environmental, science and ecology education through website materials and hands-on trail and nature activities.

Canadian Biodiversity Information Network

Earth Sciences Organizations List

Environmental Education Network

EE-Link, for K-12 environmental educators:

Outdoor Education: send the message<subscribe OUTDOOR-ED>to

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